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How do I know that I am in an abusive relationship,

"... after all, I am being told again and again that it is my own fault, I bring it on myself, I am not really good at anything, I behave in a way that makes others angry and annoyed, I am the one who has to change - so I deserve to be loved and acknowledged, I never do things the way they are expected of me. "

"I should be better with money, I do not need things for myself, I will make sure everyone else is first and so on and so on."

"My partner / husband / wife / parent / sibling / boss/ manager has so much patience with me and he/she can not help but fly of at a tangent every now and then if I behave and act stupidly. I need to change so that I deserve to receive love, compassion and understanding, otherwise how can I expect to receive any of the above."

"I know I am being loved really!
I have so much love to give so maybe I should try to give some more?"

Does the above sound familiar to you in any way?

There are many kinds of abuse, from the physical and sexual  to the emotional. In any case, abuse is abuse and thank goodness it is much more talked about and brought out in to the open.

Bullying in a work environment is abusive and has exactly the same effect on you as it has when hidden in a home environment.

When you are being told the same thing, over and over again, you will start to believe it; it will become a part of you and you will find yourself helpless and confused. Your self-worth and self-esteem will hit an all time low, due to the continuous drip feed of abuse.


Is person-centred counselling suitable when it comes  to treating

Combat Stress or PTSD?

Could it be helpful when soldiers are expected to return to civilian life ?

Tell me, how often do we see on the TV and hear on the radio soldiers or ex-soldiers finding themselves in difficult, violent, compromising and all together wrong situations?

We need to ask ourselves why and how they got there in the first place, rather than pointing the finger. It is sad that we seem to live in a ' I am alright Jack ' society and a ' Blame Culture'.

Every behaviour stems from a, at times deep seated, cause. Surely we must realise that a soldier who puts his life on the line for his/her country deserves to be respected, and first and foremost deserves a life after the forces.
More often than not this is where it all falls apart, but especially this is the time when we should hold up our end of the bargain and give back what we were quite happy to take.

If you are worried about someone close to you, your son, your daughter, your mother or father or a good friend, please do not turn away and hope it will go away; offer your sympathy and then try to help them by showing them the way to counselling so they might be able to find the strength to move forward and start to learn to deal with their, all so very real, issues.

I can assure you, it is not an easy way out, in fact, it takes great inner strength to be able to start to look at your inner demons.


The Value of Counselling in a Corporate Environment

Finding and maintaining the right balance in a working environment is vital to encourage a healthy minded and indeed motivated workforce
Communication and in general interrelation must be the key to any well functioning workplace.

Is it not imperative  and re-assuring to have the knowledge that everyone is being taking care of on every level, when push comes to shove, and when everyone is being expected to give their all for the company under any circumstance?

Mediating and liaising  must be the key here. So looking after Body, Mind and Soul as a whole is  the only way to bring the best out of everyone.

There is a definite space in todays pressurised industrial environment for counselling; in fact I would say that it is of great value.  By buying into the idea of counselling, any company can save money in the long run.
After all ... Prevention Rather Than Cure ... should be the motto here.

 For further detailed information about the way I can work with you,  please `phone or email me and we can discuss what is most suitable for your needs.  


VENUS ... MARS     ......  Male species  .....

I want to talk about men .. !!!

Yes .. you ... who thinks that it is ok to hold on to your emotions, feelings and past hurts,thinking that if you put it in a box and through away the key it will go away and never bother you again.
I have news for you, ... it will raise its ugly head in the end and bite you in the bum.
*  Why do you think that you as a man have no right to feel the way you do?
*  Why do you think you have to deal with it yourself?
*  Why do you think that society is pointing a finger at you and is trying to punish you for it?
*  Who told you that big boys do not cry?

So why do you think that there are so many of you out there trying to forget by drowning emotions with drink, drugs and similar feel good stuff?

 I have news for you... BIG BOYS MUST CRY TOO....

 Embrace yourself and let yourself be ... learn to like and accept yourself, no matter if you feel at this point in time that you are not worse it.

I am here to help .... the next step is yours to make